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Kayal Orthopaedic Center’s doctors and staff have affected the lives of so many across the state of New Jersey, by providing exceptional care from diagnosis to recovery.

Patient Testimonial - Double Knee Replacement Surgery

Patient Testimonial - Hip Replacement Surgery

Patient Testimonial - Total Hip Replacement

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Patient Testimonial - Ankle Replacement

Patient Testimonial - Total Knee Replacement

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Body Restored, Dreams Realized.“After a climbing accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro 2.5 years ago, Dr. Chad Rappaport, DPM, FACFAS rebuilt my foot—and I want to thank him again for all he’s done for me. Since my surgery, I have been able to continue my triathlon passion. I have competed in three Half-Ironman competitions and several half marathons since my surgery. Recently, I was able to achieve a dream when I completed a full Ironman Triathlon. This has been my goal for the past 10 years, and without Dr. Rappaport, it would never have been possible. Dr. Rappaport, thank you so much for your expertise, care, and compassion. You are a fine surgeon, and your patients are truly blessed to be under your care. I am ever so grateful for you, and wish you all the best!”

Hully Malone Hoover

Triathlete and Ironman Contestant

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Full Range of Motion and Zero Pain

“I know Dr. Chad Rappaport, DPM, FACFAS has had a ton of patients, and it’s probably difficult to recall them individually. My name is Nicole, and I was a patient at his former practice location from 2006 to 2008. I had a fractured fifth metatarsal and badly damaged peroneal tendon, which required three surgeries to repair. He performed the second and third surgeries. Before those two surgeries, I was told by another doctor that the slight pain I experienced when I walked might not have a fix. He explained that the architecture of the foot was too complicated to get everything ‘operating smoothly’ again. Dr. Rappaport seemed dissatisfied with the idea of a foot injury causing lifelong pain, especially given that I was only 18-20 years old at the time. Dr. Rappaport left that orthopedic practice while I was still recovering and doing physical therapy, so I don’t think he ever got to hear about the results of his work. I’m 24 now, and this summer I just ran my first 5k marathon … and I did it without any foot pain, whatsoever. My foot is operating at 100 percent, I have a full range of motion, and there is zero pain. My foot has been in excellent condition for two to three years now, but it wasn’t until I ran the 5k that I really stopped and thought about how different things are from what I expected back in 2008. I really don’t know how to express how thankful I am. I just thought that Dr. Rappaport should know how much my family and I appreciate his work. I wish Dr. Rappaport and his family all the best.”

- Nicole

A Life Transformed- In Just Six Weeks

“After being a dedicated athlete and baseball player most of my life, I began to have significant pain in my left hip from pivoting and planting. I saw a doctor about the injury, and was told that it was a hip flexor problem—but I could tell that it wasn’t a muscular issue. After tolerating the pain for a long time, I sought the advice of another specialist, only to learn that I needed a hip replacement. Unfortunately, I did not feel comfortable with the doctor and did not want him to perform the operation. I found Dr. Kayal’s advertisement in a sports publication, and when I went to see him—it was a whole different story. He listened to my concerns and understood my desire to put off surgery so I could watch my son’s senior baseball season and my daughter’s track season. After finishing out baseball and track, I was limping around on crutches: in terrible pain, and anxious to have the surgery. I went in for my hip replacement six weeks ago, and in 10 hours I was up and walking. After several weeks of physical therapy, I’m a new person. People say that I look five years younger in my face because I’m not in constant, excruciating pain anymore. I’ve always been an athlete, and now I’m back to the active lifestyle I used to lead. I can’t believe that this injury devastated me for two years, and now, in just six weeks, everything has changed. Dr. Kayal is amazing—so professional and so courteous. And his staff is amazing. They’ve gotten to know me and learned my story. They understand what is important to me. I was so depressed when I was in pain, and after the surgery, I became “ME” again. Dr. Kayal gave me back my life. Now I’m headed to the Dominican Republic on vacation, where I’ll even dance the merengue! Thanks, Dr. Kayal!”

- Donald Cimino, Police Officer

Healing for Today. Encouragement for the Road Ahead.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kayal. He is a brilliant surgeon, and I am a testimony to that. I have had at least five different surgeries with Dr. Kayal, and all were a wonderful success. Two of those surgeries were knee replacements. My healing has been fantastic, and I feel like I have my life back again. The healing time was far shorter than I expected and is so complete that my knees feel like they are my own and are blessedly free of pain and trouble. Even the scars from the surgeries are minimal. In fact, on the first knee, you have to look for the scar to find it–and the second knee is pretty close to that. The pain and immobility before my surgeries were so severe that I gained nearly 100 pounds. With the healing of my knees and Dr. Kayal’s post-surgical encouragement to lose weight, I have lost nearly 90 pounds since my last surgery in 2010. I am sure there are other good orthopaedic surgeons out there, but based on my experience and those of other patients that I personally know, I believe Dr. Kayal is not just a good doctor. He is a great doctor. Friends and colleagues regularly inquire about who did my surgery because they can see the remarkable difference in me. I have encouraged everyone who needs an orthopaedic surgeon to see Dr. Kayal–and will always do so. One final thing: he is a really great guy. He has a wonderful personality and bedside manner. It really impressed me that other doctors and nurses I have met think the world of him, and comment on how they enjoy working with him whenever they have the chance. That is a real testimonial to the man.”

- MJ Hewitt

100% — With No Complications

“I was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis seven years ago; the joint was completely deteriorated. I was unable to bend down or lift my leg. My range of motion was limited. As a result of my hip problems and my altered posture, I was also experiencing severe lower back pain. I had seen Dr. Kayal for PRP injections in my lower back—which reduced the back pain, but couldn’t solve the hip problem. When I was finally ready to tackle the surgery, Dr. Kayal performed a total left hip replacement. He never pushed me to have the surgery. He tried more conservative therapy options first—but it was time. I was in the hospital for three days and immediately felt 100% better after the surgery. It was a fast recovery. Now I’m standing more upright, and I’m entirely pain-free. It is unbelievable to have no pain whatsoever in my left leg. After only 18 therapy sessions, I’m shooting basketball with my son and running after the ball. I can get into a catcher’s squat position when he pitches, too. Prior to the surgery, I could barely get into that position and couldn’t get up without pushing off the ground with one hand. When I made the decision to have surgery, Dr. Kayal made me feel completely comfortable with the procedure. In my opinion, when you undergo surgery with Dr. Kayal, it’s guaranteed that you’ll come out feeling 100%—with no complications!”

- John Mattessich, Contractor

Never Say Impossible

“I began seeing Dr. Kayal after doctoring my painful left knee for years and years. I’m on my feet all day working for an oral surgeon, and the pain was really killing me. Dr. Kayal told me that I needed to have my knee replaced, but I wasn’t ready. He never pushed me, though—and continued to offer cortisone shots and other treatments to help with the pain. I was scheduled to go on a bus trip with a friend that summer, and after looking over the itinerary I realized that the trip involved a lot of walking. I ended up canceling the trip because I didn’t want to spend most of it sitting on a bench! At that time, I went back to see Dr. Kayal, and he said, ‘What are we here for today?’ My response? ‘We’re giving up!’ I finally agreed to have Dr. Kayal perform my total left knee replacement surgery was on a Tuesday, and after two days in the hospital, I spent one week in a rehabilitation facility. I was in church the Sunday after getting out of rehab. I wish you could have seen people’s faces when I showed up there. They were all praying for my knee replacement, and just a week later I was back in church with them! The following Thursday I returned to work full-time—just 2.5 weeks after my surgery. It’s unheard of, really. People tell me it’s impossible, but I healed fine. I don’t remember any pain or anything, and now have a full range of motion and feel great. I can go up and down stairs better, be on my feet without pain—and am hoping to return to tennis. My favorite thing about Dr. Kayal is that he’s never pushy. When you’re ready to do something—that’s when he does it. Until I was ready for the surgery, he continued to baby me along and provide the support I needed. He is superb!”

- Marilyn Fuhr, Surgical Assistant and Grandmother of Seven

Marching Through Life, Pain-Free

“When Dr. Kayal told me I needed to have both knees replaced, I wondered what life after surgery would hold. Now I’m back on the marching field, and I feel better than I have in 30 years. I never thought it was possible, but Dr. Kayal knew better. As a police officer in the 1970s, I sustained a serious knee injury during a suspect’s arrest. A meniscus removal, joint re-injury, and arthroscopic procedure later, I was facing three decades of constant pain. My right knee was ruined, and my left knee had failed from ongoing joint stress. I was bowlegged, arthritic—and tired of suffering. I’m not going to kid you—I put off surgery as long as I could. I watched my wife undergo knee replacement surgery with another physician, and remember comforting her as she cried through the morphine. Now that’s pain, and I didn’t want anything to do with it. It was time, though. I was prolonging the inevitable. Dr. Kayal skillfully performed my double knee replacement during April 2010, and I returned to practicing with the drum and bugle corps after just four months of rehabilitation. In August, I marched in a three-hour practice and performed a field show—with only mild fatigue and soreness. There’s no doubt that Dr. Kayal is an expert surgeon, but he’s also understanding, supportive and patient-focused. Many doctors hear, but few actually listen. Dr. Kayal is one of those few, and I wouldn’t trust my orthopaedic health to anyone else.”– Lou DeOld, Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps“Several other healthcare providers have seen the scars from my surgery, and have commented about Dr. Kayal’s precision work. They said he did a fine, fine job. I’m grateful for that.”– Dennis Magarro, Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps“My surgery was done at the end of September, and I was able to perform at a stage show the middle of November. By the spring, I was back in action with the Caballeros. Dr. Kayal treats you like family, and I always recommend him!”

- Jim Nargiso, Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps

Pain-Free and Covering the Court

“Dr. Kayal has done two arthroscopic surgeries for me: one partial left knee replacement, and one total right knee replacement. The most recent was the total replacement, which was done in December 2009. I have had arthritis in both knees for nearly 15 years, and at various times have had great difficulty doing simple things like walking and climbing stairs. The result of my total knee replacement has been spectacular! I am back to playing tennis at a high level for my age, and my ability to move laterally and cover the court is what it was 20 to 30 years ago and with no pain! I am also back to hiking and biking with no side effects. I have referred Dr. Kayal to many friends and strangers who have similar problems and will continue to do so in the future. My quality of life has improved dramatically since my last surgery, and 2010 was the best summer I’ve had in many years. What makes Dr. Kayal special is his willingness to spend time with his patients, and make sure they understand what the procedure will and will not do. I highly recommend Dr. Kayal. When you meet with him, you never feel rushed out and you never feel like a number!”

- Peter Morrow, Outdoor Enthusiast and President of The Custom Closet

On the Fast Track to Healing

“Before my surgery with Dr. Kayal, I had endured pain and discomfort in all of my day-to-day activities. While walking upstairs, I walked with a distinctive limp, especially in my right leg. The pain was disrupting the activities I normally enjoyed, like dancing and playing with my grandchildren. On Feb. 22, 2010, Dr. Kayal performed my double-knee replacement. After my surgery and subsequent rehab, I have had a positive recovery. I have not had any pain or discomfort, and have returned to my day-to-day activities. I was pleasantly surprised that on Easter 2010 (just 40 days after my surgery!) I was able to go back to my normal activities while continuing therapy three times a week. Dr Kayal and his staff were very caring, informative, and thorough in their assessment and care of me during this time, and I felt that Dr Kayal completely prepared me for the surgery. Due to his level of care, I had minimal pain/discomfort after the surgery and was even able to get up and walk with a therapist the morning after the procedure. I have recommended Dr. Kayal to a number of friends suffering similar difficulties. One of them has already undergone surgery and is recovering well. I’ll continue to recommend Kayal Orthopaedic to anyone in need of quality orthopaedic care!”

- Ronald Whiteman, Owner, Carter Contracting Company

Second Chance at an Active Lifestyle

“In 2007, after suffering for a few years and exploring many failed options, an orthopedic surgeon in another practice performed my two partial knee replacements. The second knee was never right, and my former doctor refused to admit there was a problem. He sent me for a battery of tests, searching for possible nerve damage, circulation problems, etc. Finally, after 15 months, the replacement actually fell apart which caused additional damage and was very painful. My doctor’s assistant saw this and spoke on the phone with him. Though I couldn’t walk on the knee, his assistant simply prescribed some pain medication and wanted me to make another appointment. That very night, I went to see Dr. Kayal. He had been highly recommended by some friends, and his approach to the situation immediately filled me with confidence. He explained everything he would do, answered all of my questions and my wife’s questions, and in a few minutes, we had everything in place for a total knee revision, which would take place in just five days. Dr. Kayal’s staff remained in touch with me regarding arrangements, tests, insurance, etc., and Dr. Kayal was personally available as needed. The surgery went very well. After a week of rehab, it was determined that I had a great deal of scar tissue from the previous partial failure. To resolve the problem, Dr. Kayal performed a clinical procedure to break up the scar tissue which really expedited my therapy and overall recovery.A month later, Dr. Kayal determined that my other knee was also loosening up and would need to be revised as well. I underwent conversion to total knee replacement during April 2010, and the second recovery went even better than the first! The bottom line is that I now feel better than I have in at least six years. Dr. Kayal and his staff address every concern or question immediately and are there for me no matter what. They go above and beyond what I have experienced with other doctors. I am enjoying life again, and for a while, I feared that I would not. Thank you, Dr. Kayal!”

- Robert Battle, Payroll Consultant and Active Family Man—Again!

Compassionate Care for All Ages

“My mom and I were in a car accident in May 2010, and after the accident I was having severe pain in my hip. I saw several doctors and went to physical therapy, but by October I needed an MRI because the therapy wasn’t helping. The MRI indicated that I had a torn labrum—the piece that held my hip in place. I needed a specialist who focused on this type of injury. Dr. Kayal was recommended by my therapist and by a friend whose grandfather had seen him.After examining my hip and looking at the MRI, Dr. Kayal told me that I needed hip arthroscopy. One month later I had the procedure. It revealed that, in addition to the detached labrum, I had cam lesions on the hip joint. Dr. Kayal had to scrape down my hip bone so it was no longer jagged.Prior to the procedure I was really nervous. Another surgeon had performed surgery on my left knee before, and it was a painful recovery. The day of the surgery, on the way home, I was surprised to find that I could sit in the car normally—without extending my leg. The only pain I ever had came from soreness at the incisions. I had no pain in my hip. I saw Dr. Kayal the Monday after my Thursday surgery, and asked him about movement. He told me I could move normally, as long as I didn’t put a lot of direct pressure on my hip. I have to tell you—my recovery was AMAZING. I’m so surprised. Now, just a couple of months after the surgery, my hip feels great and I’m walking normally.Dr. Kayal is the nicest, most down-to-earth person you’ll meet. In my experience, most doctors are stuffy and throw a lot of medical terms at you. At Dr. Kayal’s office, all of the doctors and the office staff are so kind. They cater to you—so you really enjoy going there. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

- Lindsay Merlo, Young and On-the-Move

Brightening a Family’s Future

"Dr. Kayal has been the Kafafian family’s orthopaedic doctor for many years. Donald has undergone hip and knee replacement; his sister, Patti, had double knee replacement surgery—and their father had a double knee replacement. In addition, their uncle had both knees replaced, and their daughters have seen Dr. Kayal for wrist and arm pain.“We have had numerous orthopaedic issues, and Dr. Kayal has been fantastic. He is thorough, professional, and comforting when you speak with him. He doesn’t alarm you. Here’s a guy who has your future in his hands—and he has yet to disappoint anyone in our family. I had a number of old football and baseball injuries that dated back to high school and college. Dr. Kayal performed my hip and knee replacement surgeries, and I was back to work 10 days after my knee procedure. Just 3.5 weeks after my hip surgery I was doing things normally again—like it never happened. Prior to finding Kayal Orthopaedic Center, I had spoken with other physicians and didn’t feel comfortable with them. From the first day I met Dr. Kayal, I felt like I had a professional physician taking care of me—and I felt like I had a friend. When you have surgery, you have to believe in the person who will be working on your body, and I never doubted him for a minute. The real difference with Dr. Kayal is that he takes the time to sit and talk with you. He doesn’t give your prescribed ‘5.75 minutes’ and run out the door. He takes time to find out why you’re hurting. After surgery, he came to the hospital every day to see how I was progressing. He goes out of his way to make you feel like you’re part of his family—and that’s why I’ve recommended him to everyone I know!”

- Donald Kafafian, Retired

Setting an Example of Excellence

“I just wanted to say what a great help you were in getting my paperwork to the government and dealing with my anxiety and nerves during my first few visits to the Center. I have made the comparison of going to different doctors with going to get a car fixed. It’s like the difference between bringing your car to a friend-of-a-friend and getting questionable results versus going to the dealer and being assured of knowledgeable service.Just a reminder of how I got to Kayal Orthopaedic Center. I had a board-certified, respected foot doctor show nearly no interest in my pain and my wellbeing: just an interest in selling me an orthopedic insert after two weeks of waiting. First, he had me go to a facility for radiofrequency ablation and PRP injections. After changing into hospital garb and while sitting in a cubicle, I had blood drawn and an IV started. After over an hour, I was told I was too heavy for their operating table, even though they weighed me before taking blood. I was told to go home and call my doctor tomorrow.During my second attempt, the doctor sent me to a hospital. When I woke from the anesthesia, the staff doctor told me they were unable to do the radiofrequency ablation because my skin was too thick. I asked my doctor the next day why he didn’t complete the procedure, and he said my foot was too swollen. I asked if he would complete it when the swelling subsided, and he said it wasn’t a big deal to do it, anyway. To finish my story, three times I asked him about using ultrasound to ensure proper needle placement, and he smiled and said it wasn’t required. Then I found Dr. Kayal’s Center. Let there be light…I find everyone I have met to be topnotch in demeanor and bedside manner—with my wife and myself. I know I can be a handful sometimes when I ask questions, and it is not that I’m trying to be annoying. I just am used to not getting information, mostly from the myriad of doctors I’ve been to over the last several years. I’ve had to deal with oncologists and staff, nephrologists and reception workers, urologists, gastroenterologists, dozens of phlebotomists, heart doctors, my primary care doctor, and emergency room doctors and staff. I have had a lifetime of experience with my ailments and quest for a cure, but I have never seen such a professionally run and patient-oriented center as Kayal Orthopaedic Center.I suppose it all starts at the top, and Dr. Kayal has set the example of excellence that he wants to project in his life and life’s work. It shows, and I don’t think I’m alone in noticing the difference in all aspects of the care provided—from the spectacular bedside manner during office visits to the follow-up calls after a surgical procedure. The sense that everything will be fine permeates the entire office complex. If I wasn’t in need of medical care, I would be tempted to just stop in and see the precision with which your medical center functions and maybe say hello, and capture a smile or two.I was quite happy with there being just Robert when I first went to Kayal Orthopaedic Center. Impeccably dressed and groomed, perfect speech and mannerisms, with a total air of confidence as he spoke with my wife and me I. Medical jargon and concern effortlessly flowed from his lips. Just an absolute Norman Rockwell image of what a doctor is supposed to be, but rare indeed. Then, I met his equally charming and intelligent brother at the surgical center, and I thought he was just a concerned person as I was leaving. He asked if I was doing all right, and I later realized who he was when I visited the Franklin lakes office.I saw Michael’s previous work online as an electrical engineer, and they are impressive career accomplishments. I have spoken with him and kidded that if some piece of equipment malfunctions during an operation—he can switch hats, fix the problem, and go back to medicine. Absolutely amazing when I think of the amount of time and learning involved in such a thing. He is very friendly and seems to have fun as he does what he does. Now, I have noticed that there is also Dr. Kayal’s wife at the Center. I saw her name in a recent email. How you all came to be so ensconced in medicine is a thing of great wonder, and must be a source of family pride for you all.I’m not sure if I have met Dr. Kayal’s wife, but I hope to someday. I like to imagine that your family’s obvious dedication to healing was influenced by your parents, and I see them being as proud as any parent can be of their family’s accomplishments. I say a prayer every night that you all stay in Jersey, stay involved as you are, continuing to care for all the people you have and the thousands who haven’t even heard about you yet. I know the Kayal brand is everywhere I look, and it is just about perfect in concept and application. When one sees the effort that goes into marketing the idea of the Kayal Orthopaedic Center, it becomes crystal clear that the quality of care you’re going to receive is equally as comprehensive.Once again, I just wanted to say thanks for treating us like people, and not just a number or just another patient. It truly makes a difference in the lack of anxiety when office visit time comes around, and must assuredly help in the healing process: knowing that so many people are involved and care about your health outcome. It is truly a model for all other centers and offices to emulate. I would be negligent if I failed to add that Dr. Kayal and his family are surely the impetus for such a place, and their hard work is so clearly evident. Thank you and God bless.”

- Robert Piombino & Corina Pleasant

Helping the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll on His Toes

“I am an Elvis impersonator and when I perform, I actively use the stage. After years of dancing like the King, I began to experience severe knee pain. I thought of Dr. Kayal because he has seen me perform over the years—and his practice is across the street from my medical recruiting office. After evaluating my knee, Dr. Kayal told me I would need a total knee replacement. It seemed like a pretty big deal, but I really trusted him because I have heard so many great reviews from other patients. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to entertain anymore, but Dr. Kayal assured me that I would be walking the day after the operation. I said ‘yes’ to the surgery, and the results have been amazing. One day after surgery, I was able to stand on my leg. The physical therapist and nurses were trying to get me back into bed. They couldn’t believe it. Three days after the surgery, I went to work: no crutches or anything. I walked across the street to thank Dr. Kayal, and he couldn’t believe I was back at the office. I think I had accomplished more than even he could imagine. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised. I had an operation with one of the greatest orthopaedic surgeons in the world, and he promised me I’d walk the next day. And I did. In fact, I was doing some of my Elvis moves just 6 days after my operation! I am going to physical therapy to get stronger, and my range of motion has entirely returned. I can run and walk perfectly. In fact, the leg that Dr. Kayal operated on is better than my normal leg. It has been 2 ½ months since the surgery, and I’m not even sore. No pain whatsoever—and no pain medications. I’m back in band rehearsal with my group. I’m 65 years old and feel like I did when I was 40. Maybe even better! I deal with a lot of orthopaedic doctors in my profession, and Dr. Kayal is the best. I refer everyone I know to him. I impersonate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but in my opinion, he is the King of Orthopaedic Surgery. I tell people, ‘You’ve got to put your trust in this guy. You can go anywhere in the country, but you won’t find anyone who can perform a knee replacement as perfectly as Dr. Kayal did.’ “

- Anthony Destro, Atlantic City Elvis Impersonator & Medical Recruiting Specialist

High-Tech Knees Joints Tailored to Your Body

“After 13 years of ongoing knee pain that did not improve with recommended treatments, I decided to see Dr. Robert A. Kayal. I am a nurse, and he came highly recommended by my colleagues at Christian Health Care Center. After considering Dr. Kayal’s proposed treatment options, I decided to have an arthroscopy first. It went well, and he told me that I would ‘know’ when it was time to replace the knee.That time came as we approached the 2012 holiday season. I was on my feet a lot, and finding that I was in pain by day’s end. In addition, my hip and back were hurting because the knee pain was influencing my gait. I saw Dr. Kayal on New Year’s Eve, and made plans to schedule the surgery at Chilton Memorial Hospital. Chilton is the only hospital where he performs a new, cutting-edge joint replacement technology: MRI-based, patient-specific total knee replacement.First, I attended orientation meetings at Chilton to learn detailed specifics about the surgical process. Then, Kayal Orthopaedic Center’s PA, Michael Kayal, spent 45 minutes going over the procedure and recovery from A to Z. This was very reassuring. As a nurse, I like to know what is going to happen at every phase of the process, and Dr. Kayal’s staff takes time to thoroughly educate you.I was the first person to have the MRI-based PSI knee surgery performed at Chilton Memorial. The process involved a painless pre-surgical MRI, which allowed Dr. Kayal to customize the artificial joint to my body and skeletal structure. It was fitted specifically for me in order to improve surgical outcomes and keep up with my busy lifestyle.I had been told that knees are one of the most difficult joints to rehab, so I went into the surgery prepared for a long, hard recovery. For the first two days, I experienced no pain because I had a nerve block. The hospital staff had me standing and walking the morning after surgery, and going up and down stairs on day two. Even after the nerve block wore off, I experienced much less pain than I expected.I began inpatient rehab at CHHC, and the therapists were amazed at my progress. I had twice as much flexion as they see with traditional knee replacements, and about half as much swelling. When I went to Dr. Kayal’s office to have my staples removed, the PA called everyone into the room to see how much I could bend my knee. They had never seen that much flexion only two weeks out from surgery. After only two weeks I had functional flexion (120 degrees)—which is unheard of!I’m not Superwoman, and while I’ve followed orders—I have not done anything special to speed rehabilitation. The PSI knee results have been amazing. Two months out from surgery, I can do just about everything. I can shop, do housework and vacuuming, climb stairs, and walk ½ mile. I have regained total function, rarely take pain medication, and still have a month of rehab to fine-tune everything and build my endurance.Dr. Kayal is very professional and wonderful at what he does. He is forward thinking, and he and his staff are continually developing their skills to offer new and better ways of doing things.I’m 70 years old, and I’ve seen and worked with my share of doctors. I have never met a team that is so compassionate and spends so much time allowing you to express your concerns—and helping you understand your options. They are an amazing group of people. Many friends have asked me if I regret not having the knee replaced sooner, and I tell them no—because I would not have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kayal or have my new, custom knee designed just for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with the procedure and the outcome!”

- Barbara Sayah, Nurse at Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ

A New Era in Knee Replacement

“I struggled with knee pain for several years. In the beginning, I received cortisone shots every six months, and they worked fine for a while. Unfortunately, my last shot did nothing to alleviate the pain. It was so bad when I was walking… I felt like I could fall down. I spoke with a friend who had platelet-rich plasma injections for her shoulder. I heard about Dr. Kayal from people in my temple, and I made an appointment to discuss this procedure. He was very straightforward; he told me PRP had a very small chance of working for my situation, and he didn’t want to waste my time going in circles. Instead, he recommended joint replacement, and I decided to have it as soon as possible. I had a Patient-Specific Instrument knee replacement in October 2013. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Kayal prescribed physical therapy and exercise to build my muscles and stamina. I followed his recommendation and participated in water exercise several times each week. This helped my muscles prepare for recovery, and made my rehabilitation go much faster. I had surgery on my right knee on a Thursday. Friday morning they had me using a walker and taking slow steps. After two days I was discharged from the hospital and spent five days in a rehabilitation facility. I had my left knee replaced a week later, and repeated the rehabilitation process. I was able to do things for myself when I got home and pursued outpatient rehabilitation aggressively. I had to push myself. No one was going to do it for me! People in my temple see me now, about four months after surgery, and they are very surprised with my recovery. I have minimal pain and use stretching and an occasional Aleve to help with discomfort. My strength is excellent and my surgery was very successful. I think much of this is because Dr. Kayal stays on top of the latest technology, and emphasizes the importance of exercise before surgery. I found Dr. Kayal’s staff very friendly and helpful. They addressed all of my questions and assisted with paperwork and everything I needed. I have already recommended Dr. Kayal to several others. He is a very good doctor!”

- Peramjeet Jassal, Mortgage Specialist

Enjoying a Walk in the Sunshine

“I am a firm believer that when something good has taken place in your life, it should be recognized in writing and not just verbally. As you are aware, over the past 17 years I have had two hips and two knees replaced. You have been responsible for the last three of the replacements. Through your knowledge, expertise, “great” hands, and your caring attitude I am able to live my life pain-free and enjoy working out and playing golf without regret. My last surgery was two weeks ago and you highly suggested the Zimmer knee replacement. I knew nothing about the Zimmer knee but with your confidence and excitement about the new procedure I felt assured whatever you suggested would be fine with me. In my other replacements, Stryker products were used. As you explained to me, the Zimmer replacement is like having a custom-made suit. The prosthesis is made from a 3-D image of my knee from an MRI. The piece is tailored to me and my knee and bone structure. So instead of having a “one-size-fits-all prosthesis,” mine was made just for me. You told me it would cut down the risk of infection while in the operating room and recovery would also be more rapid. Again, you were right. Here it is, two weeks later, and I’m walking with minimal use of a cane. It comes down to having confidence in your doctor. Personally, I would not want any other orthopedic doctor to touch me but you. I appreciate the way you are always searching for a better, more advanced way to help your patients. When I am in your presence at the office I am never rushed while being evaluated, and never feel like I’m taking up your time. As you know, I have recommended you to all of my family members and friends for any and all orthopedic needs and will continue to do so. There are doctors, and there are doctors. Many should not be called by that name. Thankfully, we have you, and am so pleased to call you “my” doctor. I would be remiss not to mention the Chilton Medical Center where my surgery was done. I have only been in Valley Hospital and really knew nothing about any other hospital. While the care I was given in Valley Hospital was always good, I found Chilton Medical Center’s care and facilities to be exemplary. All of my nurses were caring and constantly available to make me as comfortable as possible. Again, you said this was a good hospital—and that was good enough for me. If any of your patients are skeptical about Chilton, have them contact me and I will be happy to inform them of my experience. The food was actually good, which I was pleased to find. In conclusion, what I really want to say is THANK YOU. I am a 67-year-old man, and I feel and act 10 or more years younger. I can walk in the sunshine, play golf, and work out to stay in shape—all without pain and discomfort. That’s a great feeling.”

- Don Kafafian

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