Therapeutic Massage, Total Relaxation Massage, Customized Pre/Post-natal Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Head, Neck & Face, and Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Pre/Post Natal

Therapeutic Massage

Our Therapeutic massage eliminates pain, increases flexibility, and restores balance through sensory and physical awareness. Your therapist will recommend a clinical style and pressure (light to deep) specific to your condition, focus area, and preferences. Improve your overall health and well-being while experiencing the lasting effects of this therapeutic massage.


Total Relaxation Massage

Total Relaxation Massage is a light to medium pressure Swedish style massage. This massage uses long gliding strokes and focuses on following the circulation patterns of the body. You will leave the massage room feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Customized Pre/Post-natal Massage

This massage is a wonderful way to nurture the spirit and address physical concerns during pregnancy. It will aid in reducing stress, pain, and swelling that you may be experiencing. Our therapists are certified in Pre/Post Natal techniques and will work with you to provide the pressure and touch you require.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

This is a full-body massage that stimulates movement of the lymphatic fluids to assist the body’s natural detoxification and drainage of waste products. A gentle, rhythmic technique that cleanses connective tissue of inflammatory material, reduces pain, and calms the nervous system.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Head, Neck & Face

This focused massage targets the lymph system in the upper body. It addresses sinus conditions and helps decrease congestion and puffy eyes. Enjoy the benefits of a natural facelift without surgery.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Pre/Post Natal

A wonderful full-body massage to assist during this special time. It can help Mom maintain optimal immune system function, reduce edema, and level hormone fluctuations. It's a natural way to increase milk production and aids post-surgical outcomes from C-section births

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