Adrianne Maye, OT

Adrianne Maye


Adrianne Maye

Occupational Therapist

Adrianne Maye is a dedicated occupational therapist who graduated with honors from the dual degree program at Seton Hall University. Throughout her career, Adrianne has gained valuable experience working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. However, her true passion lies in hand therapy, where she finds fulfillment in helping patients regain function and independence in their daily lives.
Driven by her passion, Adrianne aspires to become a certified hand therapist, furthering her expertise and ability to provide specialized care to those in need. With a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, she continuously seeks opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge in hand therapy.
In her spare time Adrianne enjoys spending time with her family and friends and being in the Adirondacks at her family lake house.

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