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Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Advanced Foot and Ankle Solutions

Proper foot and ankle alignment helps balance and distribute your body weight, but injury, degeneration and disease can cause deformities or muscular weakness that produces pain and unstable joints. To correct these problems, your foot and ankle specialist may prescribe an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO). An AFO is a custom-fit external device, or brace, that protects and realigns the ankle and foot. It can be fabricated with or without ankle motion, and it is worn inside of a lace-up shoe.


Candidates for Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Our foot and ankle doctors will carefully evaluate your injury to determine if an AFO is the best treatment option. If selected as a candidate for this treatment, the orthosis is then fabricated according to your specifications, ensuring a tailored fit that will improve your biomechanics or movement. This non-surgical solution can help patients return to their lives without pain and limitations.



In addition to alleviating pain, AFOs may help to:● Redistribute pressure across the foot● Reduce muscular fatigue● Realign ankle and foot position● Control ankle movement● Correct deformities● Prevent potential stress fractures

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