Anna Templo, PT

Anna Templo, DPT

Anna Liza Samson Templo has a total of 25 yrs experience as a Physical Therapist in Orthopedic Out Patient setting. She was also able to practice in various settings such as Post Acute care/Subacute, Acute, Long Term Care and Home Care setting.
Anna Liza is licensed PT in the Philippines, New York and New Jersey.

Anna Templo, DPT

Physical Therapist


● Doctor in Physical Therapy, tDPT – 2010 Dominican College, Blauvelt New York
● Bachelor of Science in PT - 1998Philippines


Due to her deep passion as a Physical Therapist she attended numerous continuing education courses that are innovative and evidenced-based functional assessment and treatment for patients with different varieties of orthopedic conditions and sports related injuries with focus in manual therapy and functional exerciseprograms.
Due to her exposure in various settings she was also able to attend continuing education for Geriatric, TM], Lymphedema. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Different Neurologic Conditions. Anna Liza isa certified LSVT Big Provider ( specialist for PT tx with Parkinson's Disease).
Over theyears of her vast experience, she was able to collaborate with Orthopedists, Neurologists, Podiatrists, Physiatrists, Surgeons, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Nurses, Social Workers, Prosthetists/Orthotists , DOS, DC, acupuncturists and other Rehabilitation Therapists. Anna Liza was able to work closely with Prosthetist/Orthotists and developed her strong skills in gait/ambulation training for patients with various types post surgical condition that require any types of Lower Extremity Prosthesis/Orthosis in both Subacute and Out Patient Rehabilitation level.
She gives high regard to all her PT mentors, previous co-workers and professors who served as an inspiration in assisting her to be successful and to enhance her skills in helping patients restore their normal function throughout the years. Anna Liza had a total of 8 yrs of management andleadership role in Out Patient setting and as an APTA ( American Physical Therapy Association) Credentialed Clinical Instructor, she was able to teach numerous Physical Therapy students bath in the US and Philippines.
Aside from being a passionate PT, she also a passion in Music. She is a vocalist, plays the piano, drums, violin and guitar. She plays tennis, table tennis and plays the volleyball in different leagues in Rockland and New Jersey.
Her goal as a Physical Therapist is to have a fulfillment by providing an excellent customer service in every patient that she encounters and help them achieve their utmost functional potential for better quality of life.

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