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Used to repair cartilage defects and degeneration, BioCartilage® is a cartilage replacement procedure that provides a framework for new cartilage while stimulating tissue regrowth. A regional pioneer of this cutting-edge treatment, Dr. Robert A. Kayal performs cartilage grafting during a minimally invasive procedure.

BioCartilage is similar in composition to natural articular cartilage. During the procedure, dehydrated BioCartilage particles are mixed with blood, platelet rich plasma or a saline solution, to create a thick paste. Using arthroscopic incisions, the orthopaedic surgeon implants this pasty material into the damaged area. The BioCartilage acts as a scaffold, providing a matrix upon which new cartilage tissue can attach itself. Depending upon your medical history and extent of joint damage, BioCartilage may be helpful for restoring cartilage damage at the knee, ankle or shoulder.


Symptoms of Cartilage Damage

Healthy articular cartilage allows joints to glide smoothly without painful friction. Through injury or normal wear and tear, this cartilage can become damaged. Symptoms of cartilage damage include:● Joint catching or “locking up”● Joint swelling● Joint grinding● Joint pain● Loss of mobility & flexibility



Whether you have experienced one or more of the aforementioned symptoms, BioCartilage may help to restore pain-free mobility in the affected joint. In addition, cartilage grafting may help to prevent or slow the development of painful arthritis. Currently, BioCartilage is most effective in patients with early cartilage degeneration, rather than those with more advanced conditions.

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