Learn How We Can Help Resolve Your Chronic Neck Pain

Learn How We Can Help Resolve Your Chronic Neck Pain

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When you experience serious neck pain that keeps coming back over a period of three months or more, it is identified as chronic. Some of the most common sources of chronic neck pain are your facet joints and the intervertebral discs in your lower cervical spine. Muscles, ligaments or tendons in your neck can become injured, too, causing severe pain.

At Kayal Pain & Spine Center, our skilled team of spine specialists will do whatever we can to relieve your neck pain with nonsurgical treatments and therapies. If your neck pain persists, we’re the team you want on your side for minimally invasive neck surgery in Bergen County.

There are three main reasons why your doctor at Kayal Pain & Spine Center may perform surgery to relieve your neck pain:

  1. To stabilize your cervical spine
  2. To decompress your nerve root by removing a damaged disc or other problem
  3. To decompress your spinal cord

Some common types of surgery performed to relieve neck pain are:

  1. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF): This is considered the gold standard of neck pain surgery. It also is the most common surgery for neck pain. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove the problematic disc in your cervical spine. It is most commonly performed through the front of the neck and in conjunction with a cervical spinal fusion to keep your spine stable in the area where the disc was removed.
  2. Posterior cervical decompression (PCD): During this procedure, your surgeon will remove only part of the disc, approaching through the back of your neck. The location of the disc that is causing your problem will help your surgeon decide which procedure to use. PCD is a wise choice when the disc is accessible with minimal manipulation of your spinal cord. A spinal fusion does not need to be performed with this procedure.
  3. Cervical artificial disc replacement (ADR): During this procedure, your surgeon will remove your damaged disc and replace it with an artificial disc instead of performing a spinal fusion. This could help you retain more of your natural neck mobility.
  4. Posterior cervical laminectomy: A lamina, the back part of a vertebra, is removed during this procedure, which is done through the back of the neck. Compared to a spinal fusion, you may be able to retain more flexibility in your neck.
  5. Posterior cervical laminoplasty: During this procedure, the lamina is not completely removed. Instead, it is cut and reshaped to create more space in your spinal canal.
  6. Posterior cervical foraminotomy: Your surgeon will remove a small portion of your foramen (the bony archway through which spinal nerves run) through the back of your neck. If a herniated disc is affecting the nerve, part of the disc may be removed. If a bone spur is causing the problem, your surgeon will chisel it away.
  7. Anterior cervical corpectomy: This procedure is rare. It involves removing at least one cylindrical bone at the front of your vertebra and adjacent discs above and below your vertebra. A bone graft and/or cage is used to fill the space and help the bones to fuse together.

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