Compassionate Care Is What You’ll Find Here

Compassionate Care Is What You’ll Find Here

Caring Doctors Produce Outstanding Results

A recent study has confirmed what the team at Kayal Pain & Spine Center has known all along: Your doctor’s training and expertise aren’t the only keys to your successful treatment, recovery and outcome. His or her ability to show empathy and compassion also plays a huge role in your results.

It’s true! We firmly believe our pain management services in Bergen County, NJ, are exceptionally effective because of our ability to listen—really listen—to our patients and, as a result, provide the high quality care they need.

In the book, “Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference,” the authors (both physicians) say their research shows a healthy dose of compassion can improve patient outcomes and decrease medical costs. They cite other benefits of compassionate care, including less pain, improved healing, lower blood pressure and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Plus, patients who have a strong connection with a compassionate health care provider are more likely to take their medication and follow their doctor’s orders.

These patients also are more likely to have successful surgical outcomes. The research showed when doctors and nurses were supportive and caring just before surgery, their patients were calmer, needed less medication following their procedures and spent less time in the hospital, according to “Compassionomics.”

We Do Things the Right Way at Kayal Pain & Spine Center

Sadly, a recent survey found that 56 percent of doctors said they didn’t have time for compassion. That’s not how we practice medicine here at the Kayal Pain & Spine Center. We take the time you need to share your concerns, ask questions and get the answers you deserve.

One study says it takes just 40 seconds of empathy, kindness and support from a medical professional to help ease a patient’s anxiety. That’s a small commitment of time, especially considering how powerful the results can be. It also works both ways. Doctors who show compassion and empathy are happier, more fulfilled and less prone to burnout, which affects nearly half of physicians in this country.

We Never Miss Those Opportunities

Roughly 50 percent of Americans say their health care providers aren’t compassionate. And research shows that most physicians miss opportunities to show compassion when interacting with their patients. In this computer-driven world, many doctors spend all of their time looking at their screens and little or no time looking their patients in the eyes. This is the wrong way to create long-term, trusting relationships with patients.

You’ll know quickly if your new doctor is compassionate. He or she will:

  1. Sit instead of stand when speaking with you
  2. Make eye contact during conversations
  3. Show genuine concern for your emotional and psychological well-being as well as physical health

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