6 Possible Reasons Why Your Lower Back Is Aching

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Lower Back Is Aching

Kayal Pain & Spine Center Will Provide You With the Answers You Deserve

When you suffer from chronic lower back pain, it’s difficult—often impossible—to grin and bear it. And you shouldn’t have to.

At Kayal Pain & Spine Center, our award-winning team of board-certified experts will provide you with the speedy diagnosis, proper treatment and total relief you deserve as quickly as possible. Whether your pain can be managed through noninvasive treatments or requires more complex procedures, such as spinal disc surgery in Bergen County, the professionals at Kayal Pain & Spine Center are the doctors you want on your side—every step of the way.

Chronic lower back pain is often caused by changes in the anatomy and/or mechanics of your spine. It frequently originates in one of your lumbar spinal discs—the tough, fibrous structures between your vertebrae.

Here are some of the problems that can occur in a lumbar spinal disc:

  1. Herniated disc: This problem is the result of the soft, jelly-like interior of the disc bulging or leaking outward and then irritating nearby joints, muscles or nerve roots. If you are suffering from a herniated disc, you mostly likely will experience sharp, stabbing pain emanating down the backs of your legs. This is known as sciatica.
  2. Degenerative disc disease: This is caused by wear and tear on your spinal discs and results in intermittent lower back pain that occurs for a few days—sometimes even weeks—before subsiding.
  3. Osteoarthritis: This condition typically occurs in people who are 60 years old or older. It’s a breakdown in your facet joints that creates friction as you twist or bend. When the friction causes bone spurs that pinch one of your nerve roots, the result is sciatica pain. You also tend to experience tenderness and stiffness around your joint.
  4. Spinal stenosis: Back pain can occur with this condition but leg pain caused by nerve root irritation is more common. Spinal stenosis occurs when your spinal canal narrows because of a herniated disc, bone spur or other problem. It typically affects people 60 years old and older.
  5. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction: If you are experiencing pain in your hips, pelvis and lower back, you could be suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Your sacroiliac joint links your ilia (hip bones) to your sacrum, which is the triangular bone at the base of your spine. This condition is caused by too much—or too little—motion in the sacroiliac joint.
  6. Isthmic spondylolisthesis: This condition occurs when one vertebral slips forward over the one below it. It happens as the result of a minor fracture in a piece of bone connecting the two joints on the back side of this segment of spine. This causes strain on your disc and joints. Common symptoms include back pain, stiffness, leg pain, numbness and weakness.

When you experience lower back pain or when you need a spine surgery center in Westwood, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Paramus or beyond, the skilled and experienced specialists at Kayal Pain & Spine Center will review your medical history, conduct a thorough examination and reach an accurate diagnosis. Then, your doctor will explore your options with you and pinpoint the treatment that is best for your unique situation and condition. The goal of Kayal Pain & Spine Center is for you to be pain free and living your best life in no time.

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