Is Winter Weather Sabotaging Your Outdoor Workout?

Is Winter Weather Sabotaging Your Outdoor Workout?

Try These Indoor Alternatives That Pack Powerful Cardio Punches

The snow is blowing, the wind is howling, the ice is building up and the temperatures—with the wind chill—are in the negatives. So much for getting in your walk, run, bike ride or other outdoor cardio workout. Maybe you should just hit the snooze button and forget your new year’s plan to get (or stay) fit.

But is that wise? Of course, you should trust your instincts if they’re telling you that this isn’t the best time to venture outside for your regular exercise routine. After all, you could be one misstep away from a nasty slip and fall, serious injury and subsequent visit to a sports medicine specialist in Westwood, NJ, or beyond.

At Kayal Orthopaedic Center, our team of elite surgeons has seen it all and treated it all when it comes to the winter-weather-induced orthopaedic injuries of exercise enthusiasts. For those who are hooked on outdoor workouts even in challenging weather conditions, there are plenty of steps you can take to stay safe and minimize the risk of injury. But for those who prefer not to chance it, don’t get discouraged. Consider these fun and effective indoor options that are sure to get your heart pumping:

  1. Hit the pool. Swimming is not only good for your heart, it can also tone your muscles, improve your balance and boost your mental outlook. This low-impact approach to exercising is easier on your body, reducing the strain on your muscles that high-impact workouts create. Water exercises can work wonders on arthritis and joint pain while improving muscle mass and bone density. Check out your local community center or gym for class schedules. Swimming workouts are more fun when you work out with others. Some of the most effective water exercises are: aqua jogging, leg lifts, arm curls, standing water pushups and flutter kicking.
  2. Take a spin. It’s no surprise that spin classes have become a national craze. These stationary bike workouts can burn as much as 500 calories in 45 minutes, which is significantly higher than other comparable workout routines. Spinning is also an effective way to relieve stress and build muscle tone, especially in the core muscles, thighs and buttocks. The bike has various tension levels so you can adjust it based on your level of fitness, abilities and goals. The bike tracks your progress, which can build motivation and instill confidence. This is another low-impact option, which relieves pressure on your knees and reduces the risk of injuries prevalent with running and some other aerobic exercises.
  3. Climb the walls. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a surprisingly powerful workout. You can burn roughly 650 calories an hour making the climb. This workout also tests your decision-making skills as you strategize where to position your arms and legs without tying yourself in knots. Rock climbing works your arms, legs, back, shoulders—and brain.
  4. Hit the ice. Ice skating tones your legs, buttocks and core. It’s also fun, a mood booster and improves balance and coordination. If the weather is keeping you away from an outdoor rink, scout out an indoor rink in your area. Roller skating provides another great workout choice. Skating can burn as much as 500 calories an hour.
  5. Experience the bounce. Trampolines aren’t just for kids. You can enjoy a valuable cardio workout in as little as six minutes. This fun activity might be high energy but it’s low impact, which helps protect your joints.

Other choices include resistance training, Pilates, ballet-inspired barre-based workouts, yoga, kickboxing, tai chi, soccer, volleyball, dodge ball, line dancing, rowing, weight lifting and kettlebells.

No one is immune from injury, even if you choose these or other indoor options. If you do suffer an injury, including a fall that requires hand and wrist surgery in Westwood, NJ, or beyond, you can count on Kayal Orthopaedic Center’s award-winning team of skilled surgeons. 

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