You Deserve Relief From Chronic Neck Pain

You Deserve Relief From Chronic Neck Pain

Kayal Pain & Spine Center’s Experts Have the Answers

Maybe you were scrunched into a tight corner on the bus or subway during the commute to work. Perhaps you spent your lazy Saturday afternoon hunched over the kitchen table working on a crossword puzzle. Or you got hit—hard—during an aggressive pickup basketball game. Or slept in an awkward position. Whatever the reason, you’re now experiencing a nagging pain in your neck and wondering how to resolve it.

The good news is most neck pain goes away quickly—sometimes the same day it occurs. But when your pain is chronic, lasts more than one week or is accompanied by other symptoms, you should make an appointment with a doctor who is qualified to evaluate and diagnose your problem. If you live in Bergen County or nearby, we encourage you to visit one of our skilled and experienced neck pain doctors in Glen Rock, Franklin Lakes or Westwood, NJ, or Stony Point, NY.

You Belong at Kayal Pain & Spine Center

Our compassionate team at Kayal Pain & Spine Center will consider your medical history, conduct a comprehensive examination and may order additional testing to reach an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. We’ll spend as much time as you need to ask questions and get the answers you deserve. When you require treatment, we offer a wide range of trusted options and will carefully explore with you the choices that are right for your unique case.

Your neck is a complex network of bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is formed by the top seven bones of the spinal column—the cervical vertebrae—and extends from your skull to your upper torso. Cervical discs between your neck bones act as shock absorbers.

There are many reasons you experience neck pain or stiffness, including:

  1. Poor posture or overuse
  2. Working at your desk for too long
  3. Injury from a fall, contact sports or whiplash (sudden jerking of the head)
  4. Sleeping with your neck in an odd position
  5. Stress or tension
  6. Degeneration or wear and tear
  7. Pinched nerve or cervical radiculopathy
  8. Cervical fracture
  9. Inflammation

Share Your Symptoms With Your Doctor

When your neck pain is caused by poor posture or muscle strain, it typically resolves quickly with good posture and rest. The most common neck pain is referred to as non-specific, which is neck pain without an obvious cause. It can result in muscle tears or sprains. Neck pain sometimes resonates to your shoulders, head, back and jaw. Make sure to share all of your symptoms with your doctor.

Your neck pain also could be the result of a chronic condition, such as:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis: RA can affect your neck, causing pain, joint swelling and bone spurs.
  2. Osteoporosis: Although osteoporosis usually affects your knees or hands, it can cause pain in your neck, too. It weakens your bones and can result in small fractures.
  3. Spondylosis: This condition is caused when your cervical discs degenerate. It can happen as you age and is also called osteoarthritis of the neck. It can narrow the spaces between your vertebrae and place additional stress on your joints.
  4. Herniated disc: Also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, this occurs when a disc protrudes from an injury or trauma and puts pressure on the nerve roots or spinal cord.
  5. Spinal stenosis: Your spinal column has narrowed and is placing pressure on your nerve roots or spinal cord. Long-term inflammation from arthritis or another condition can cause spinal stenosis.
  6. Fibromyalgia: This condition results in pain throughout your body, particularly your neck and shoulders.

Depending on your specific problem or condition, treatment for neck pain can include ice or heat therapy, pain medication, exercise, physical therapy, stretching, a neck collar, muscle relaxants, corticosteroid injections, traction and, in rare circumstances, surgery.

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