Orthopaedic services in Bergen Country: What You Need to Know

Orthopaedic services in Bergen Country: What You Need to Know

Orthopaedic services are a branch of medicine which deals with the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes everything from your muscles and bones to even your joints and tendons. When it comes to the musculoskeletal structure of the body, our team will have you covered

What do orthopaedists treat? 

Orthopaedists treat all sorts of musculoskeletal issues and ailments. These issues may well be long-standing and have existed from childhood or they may be more recent and exist due to sporting injuries.

Here are some conditions that our team treats:

  1. Joint pain from arthritis
  2. Bone fractures
  3. Soft tissue (muscle, tendon, and ligament) injuries 
  4. Back pain
  5. Neck pain 
  6. Shoulder pain and problems
  7. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  8. Overuse and sports injuries such as tendinitis
  9. Congenital conditions

Tendinitis treatment in New Jersey and New York 

Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon. That typically occurs through sports and is common among athletes. It can affect areas such as your elbow, thigh, wrists, and Achilles. While it can occur at any age, it is more common among adults and particularly those who engage with sports often.

Treatment of tendinitis typically revolves around rest. This is to allow the inflammation to reduce. Sometimes, your doctor may recommend hot and cold treatments as well as Over The Counter (OTC) painkillers as well.

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Orthopaedic Specialities

Orthopaedic providers may specialize in several fields, including:

  1. Hand and upper extremity
  2. Foot and ankle 
  3. Musculoskeletal oncology
  4. Pediatric orthopaedics 
  5. Sports medicine
  6. Spine surgery
  7. Trauma surgery
  8. Joint replacement surgery

Diagnosis Process

Detection of orthopaedic issues is usually done through some combination of a physical examination and even x-rays. Additional testing such as injections may also be needed.

Diagnostic tests may include:

  1. MRI scan
  2. CT scan
  3. Bone scan 
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Nerve conduction studies 
  6. Blood tests


Your orthopaedic doctor will perform a number of treatments, both in-office and out of office. In our office, procedures are services like x-rays and other diagnostic actions. In some cases, your doctor may also reset the bone or joint if it has been dislocated and then place it in a protective brace.

In terms of treatment, there are many options your orthopaedic doctor may suggest:

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Pain killers
  3. Home exercise routine
  4. Injections 

In some more serious cases, they may suggest surgery.


Orthopaedic services cover everything that affects the musculoskeletal system. They can help provide diagnosis, treatment, and education to help protect your bones and muscles. They offer several in-house procedures and in needed cases, surgical options. 

Kayal Orthopaedic Center is an award-winning practice with a history of excellence. The breadth of experience across all disciplines of orthopaedic services has set them apart as a pillar in New York and New Jersey.