Our Diverse Family Hopes to Make a Difference

Our Diverse Family Hopes to Make a Difference

Kayal Orthopaedic Center to Donate $100,000 to Various Groups

Recent developments across the country and around the world have generated a lot of self-reflection and thoughtful discussions here at the Kayal Orthopaedic Center.

It has reminded us once again, just as the COVID-19 pandemic did, that our role in this community goes far beyond providing excellent orthopaedic care to our brothers and sisters, including minimally invasive surgery in Westwood and sports medicine in Paramus, NJ, and beyond. It’s also our job to reach out whenever possible to try to change our little corner of the world.

“Our hearts are bleeding right now. It’s time for all of us to love each other and help each others’ causes,” said Dr. Robert A. Kayal, founder and CEO of Kayal Orthopaedic Center. “We are so thankful that peaceful protesters have brought attention to this much-needed discussion. It is so sad that slavery, discrimination and injustice ever occurred and continue to occur in some parts of this country and world.”

For 22 years, Kayal Orthopaedic Center has made it a point to hire the best people when filling all jobs within the organization. As a result, our current staff of roughly 200 people includes every color of the rainbow from practically every continent.

“We love our own little ‘melting pot,’” Dr. Kayal said, pointing out that nearly every ethnic, religious, economic and social demographic is represented within the Kayal work family. “We love how we all look differently, sound differently, feel differently and act differently. That’s what makes this world a beautiful place—different people, opinions, political views and cultures.”

Because Dr. Kayal and his team believe that inspiring words are only just words without actions to back them up, Kayal Orthopaedic Center plans to donate $100,000 to several charitable organizations— hoping in our own small way to help make the world a better place.

We have formed a diverse panel of our team members, who will decide which groups or agencies will be the beneficiaries.

“What’s important to them is important to us,” Dr. Kayal said of his colleagues. “We want to do something. We need to make a statement. Hopefully, this gesture will help the beneficiaries, even a little bit, and let them know that they are loved and cared for. We hope and pray that this will help in some way.”

Kayal Orthopaedic Center is the premier provider of orthopaedics, pain management, rheumatology, spine, physical therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, diagnostic services and sports medicine in Westwood, NJ, and beyond. After closing some of our offices at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of our staff and patients, all of our locations are now open and serving the community again.

Our Paramus Office Is Now Open Saturdays!

When you need our exceptional services, including sports medicine in Paramus, NJ, our Paramus office is now open from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Regular hours in our other office locations are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Franklin Lakes office opens at 8 a.m. Monday; our Glen Rock and Paramus locations open at 8 a.m. Wednesday.