You Won’t Find Better, More Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care — Anywhere!

You Won’t Find Better, More Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care — Anywhere!

Imagine how challenging, confusing and time-consuming grocery store shopping would be if we always had to travel from store to store to store—one for meat, one for poultry, one for fish, one for dairy, one for produce … and so on.

Now, imagine traveling from one medical practice to another to receive your orthopaedic care—driving for miles from one appointment to the next, often times into another state. The potential for something to go wrong is high. Some of your medical records may not be accessible to all of your doctors. You might be asked to undergo duplicate testing when it may not be necessary. And, worst of all, you could be given conflicting advice from your doctors because they’re not communicating with each other.

Find the best orthopaedic care in New Jersey! 

At Kayal Medical Group, we offer the full range of orthopaedic services in one convenient location—right here in your own backyard. Best of all, you won’t find better care anywhere—no matter how far you travel. Our specialists are the best in their fields and stay abreast of the latest, most effective treatments and procedures. When you require more than one orthopaedic-related service, our team members consult with each other to make sure your care is consistent and top-notch. Our specialties include orthopaedics, pain & spine, robotic joint replacement, shoulder & elbow, hand & wrist, foot & ankle, hip & knee, hip preservation, podiatry, rheumatology, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis & orthobiologics, sports medicine, chiropractic and laser treatment.

If your injury, chronic condition, recovery or rehabilitation requires physical therapy, you’re also in the very best hands possible under the Kayal Medical Group umbrella. Our physical therapists are highly trained, experienced and committed to the same patient-friendly approach that has always been the hallmark of our practice.

When you choose the Kayal Medical Group, you don’t need to go elsewhere for X-rays, scans and other medical imaging either. We have the finest, most sophisticated machines available, including digital X-ray, bone density DEXA scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI, open 1.2 Tesla MRI, CT scan, C-arm fluoroscopy, MRI extremity machine and ultrasound.

We’re also excited to share news about our latest addition: Kayal Beauty, a full-service revitalizing center where you will be able to contour your body and rejuvenate your skin, hair, nails and more. Services include: laser facial treatments, permanent makeup, Cool Sculpting, massage, podiatric medicure, vitamin infusions, nutritional supplements, weight loss, dermabrasion, botulinum toxin therapy, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing.

In addition to our wide range of services, outstanding staff and state-of-the-art equipment, there are many other benefits to our full-scale practice. First and foremost, we make sure you are an active, informed member of your own care team. Plus, you have access to multiple opinions from our different board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists—all focused on providing you with the best care and quality of life possible. You also enjoy better coordination of your care, greater quality of care, lower healthcare costs and a more satisfying patient experience.

Why would you choose Kayal Medical Group? The answer is simple: You can’t afford not to choose us.

Robert A. Kayal, MD, FAAOS, FAAHKS, is founder, president and chief executive officer of Kayal Medical Group and its related centers. The practice has nine convenient locations: Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Westwood, Paramus, North Bergen, Wyckoff, Midland Park, Garfield, NJ and Stony Point, NY. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit the website at or call 844.777.0910.