Will My Doctor Be Upset If I Seek a Second Opinion?

Will My Doctor Be Upset If I Seek a Second Opinion?

Asking for a Second Opinion Is a Common Practice Prospective homebuyers often rely on home inspectors to make sure they’re making smart decisions when purchasing their new houses. And most consumers in the market for used cars ask their mechanics to examine the vehicle and rule out any surprises. Why, then, are some patients reluctant to get a second opinion when making a decision about surgery or other treatments?

Some people think doctors get upset when patients seek out second opinions. But asking for a second opinion is a common practice in medicine and most doctors welcome this approach.

At the Kayal Orthopaedic Center, we’re more than happy to provide patients with second opinions for orthopaedic surgery or other orthopaedic-related care.

We understand it can be scary when you’re making decisions about your health care. Is this test necessary? Will this treatment improve my situation? Is a knee replacement the right choice for me? Are there better options than hip replacement surgery?

You might consider getting a second opinion if:

1.  Your doctor is recommending surgery.

2.  Your conditioning is getting worse.

3.  You’ve been given several treatment options.

4.  The proposed treatment or test is risky.

5.  All of your questions haven’t been answered.

6.  You’re not sure the diagnosis is correct.

7.  You’re looking for other options.

8. You’re wondering if a certain treatment is an option for you.

9.  You’ve been told nothing more can be done to improve your condition.

10.  You still don’t know the cause of your symptoms, pain, etc.

Although it’s never too late to seek a second opinion, the ideal time is shortly after the problem or condition has been diagnosed.

When you seek out a second opinion from one of our highly trained and experienced specialists, we will thoroughly review your case, ask the important questions and patiently address any questions and concerns you have. We’ll perform a thorough examination and may even order additional tests, blood work or other follow-up procedures to gather all of the information we need. Once we’ve done that, we’ll provide you with our honest assessment of your unique situation. In some cases, we may agree with the medical advice you’ve already been given. In other cases, we may recommend a different course of treatment. Either way, the decision about your next step is always in your hands.

If the next step involves following the original treatment advice, our team will be happy that we’ve helped you clarify the right path for you. And if the next step involves choosing Kayal Orthopaedic Center for follow-up care, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with us for a second opinion, call us at 844.777.0910 or contact us through our website.