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Back pain is exceedingly common and often the reason people go to see a doctor. It’s also the leading cause of job-related disability and missed work days worldwide. Most people (around 80 percent) will experience some form of back pain during their lives. Its severity can range from a dull, persistent ache to a sudden, sharp sensation that can leave you immobile.

Most back pain is acute (short term) and only lasts a few days or few weeks. This form of back pain is usually due to disruption in how either the spine, muscle, intervertebral discs or nerves fit together and operate. About 20 percent of those affected by acute low back pain will develop chronic back pain (pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer). If you’re a patient from the Bergen County communities of Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Westwood, Paramus or beyond, then a back pain doctor at Kayal Pain & Spine Center will be able to diagnose your problem and treat it accordingly.



Reduce your risk.

Back pain can be brought on by many different triggers. For some people, pain can begin suddenly due to an accident or from lifting something too heavy. Sometimes it develops over time due to age-related factors concerning the spine. Those who lead mostly sedentary lifestyles interspersed with highly intense workouts are also at risk.
Other common causes include:● Sprains and strains● Intervertebral disc degeneration● Herniated or ruptured discs● Facet joint pain/facet syndrome● Radiculopathy● Sciatica● Spondylolisthesis● Traumatic injury● Spinal stenosis● Skeletal irregularities



Pinpoint your pain.

Some of the symptoms of back pain may include:● Pain that is dull or achy● Shooting or stabbing pain● Limited flexibility or range of motion in the back● Stinging, burning pain that moves from the lower back to the backs of the thighs, sometimes into the lower legs or feet● Numbness or tingling● Muscle aches or spasms● Tight feeling in the lower back, pelvis and hips● Pain that gets worse after prolonged periods of sitting or standing● Difficulty standing up straight. walking or going from standing to sitting



Get the answers you need.

Some back pain resolves on its own. When it doesn’t, you don’t always need a doctor for back pain and injury. In mild cases, conservative treatments, such as rest and stretching, may minimize back and neck pain. Limited or altered activity, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and exercise, braces or neck supports and steroidal injections are among the options.
However, for more serious disorders, surgical intervention by a back surgeon may be necessary to relieve your back pain or injury. To diagnose your condition, back pain doctors conduct a thorough medical history and perform an examination.



Life’s too short to put up with pain.

At Kayal Pain & Spine Center, you’re in the hands of elite specialists and back surgeons near Westwood and Glen Rock who perform lower back injury treatments. Each back pain doctor uses his or her advanced training and takes a customized, progressive approach to tackling your back pain. The Bergen County back surgeons at Kayal Pain & Spine Center will help you become stronger and healthier by healing your lower back pain.
If you’re located in Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Westwood, Paramus or elsewhere in Bergen County, then choose our doctors for back injury and other spinal conditions. Our lower back pain doctors use cutting-edge techniques such as minimally invasive lower back injury treatments. These procedures expedite the healing process and allow you to resume regular activities faster than conventional surgery options.

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