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Compassionate Biologics Treatment

Specializing in the industry’s most innovative orthopaedic treatments, Kayal Orthopaedic Center surgeons use high-tech biological technologies to stimulate tissue healing and regeneration.

FlexiGRAFT® demineralized cancellous sponges and cortical fibers are comprised of 100% human bone that has been carefully sterilized for safe application. This organic material helps to maintain the body’s natural bone architecture while speeding the healing process.

Before recommending FlexiGRAFT or other demineralized cancellous sponges and fibers, your Kayal surgeon will carefully review your medical history, symptoms, and treatment objectives. While not every patient is a candidate for a FlexiGRAFT reconstruction, many experience successful outcomes through this orthobiologic treatment option.


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FlexiGRAFT demineralized cancellous sponges and cortical fibers are used to reconstruct and repair shoulder tissue, knee ligaments, joints and more.



FlexiGRAFT can be combined with other graft materials for improved outcomes, and advantages of this biomaterial include:● Rigorous quality & safety standards● Natural growth factors for advanced bone formation● Malleable & elastic; able to conform to a variety of shapes● Ability to absorb bioactive fluids for faster healing● Lower risk of post-operative complications

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