Khaled Nasr, DPT

Khaled Nasr, DPT

Khaled Nasr, DPT

Physical Therapist

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I provide rehabilitation solutions across various specialties internationally. I hold physical therapy board certifications in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, New Zealand, Australia, and Egypt. I bring extensive post-graduate experience gained in diverse physical therapy settings, including private practice, home care, and corporate environments. My expertise spans a wide range of specialties, with particular proficiency in musculoskeletal, pelvic health, geriatrics, and cancer rehabilitation. I approach patient care with an unwavering commitment to evidence-based practices, emphasizing manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, and the utilization of cutting-edge physical therapy modalities.
In addition to my clinical background, I have a proven track record of success in startup ventures within the field of physical therapy. My experience in launching and optimizing physical therapy clinics from the ground up has equipped me with valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face in the healthcare industry. My approach to patient care is centered on crafting individualized plans of care. My goal is to improve patients' physical health and overall well-being while facilitating the restoration of prior levels of function. I am also a seasoned and certified telerehabilitation provider, embracing the opportunities of telehealth to reach and assist patients in innovative ways.
My passion lies in advancing physical therapy, positively impacting patients' lives, and contributing to the broader community of healthcare professionals. With a wealth of experience in clinical practice and startups, I remain committed to providing world-class rehabilitation solutions, improving the quality of life for those in need, and driving innovation in healthcare.


Orthopedics & Sports Injuries | Startups | Pelvic Physical Therapy| Men’s Health | Ergonomics | Evidence Based Practice | Outpatient setting | Global Health Navigation | Cancer Rehabilitation| Fitness Testing | Sexual Rehabilitation | Telerehabilitation | Corporate Wellness| Design Wellness Strategies| Design Wellness Strategies| Home Care | Health Promotion | Prehabilitation | Hybrid Model | COVID Rehabilitation | Exercise Prescription | HIPPA & OSHA


  •  Kayal Orthopaedics - Ramsey, NJ | 07/2022 –Current

    Rehabilitation & Startup Consultant
    - Facility Setup: Provide guidance on facility design and equipment selection specific to orthopedic care needs. - Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the startup clinic complies with all relevant healthcare regulations, licensing requirements, and accreditation standards. - Location and Facility: Advise on suitable sites for the clinic, facility design, and equipment procurement to create an efficient and patient-friendly environment. - Financial Planning: Assist in financial forecasting, budgeting, and financial management, including setting pricing strategies and revenue projections. - Marketing and Branding: Develop marketing strategies to promote the clinic, build a patient base, and establish a strong brand presence in the community. - Patient Care Protocols: Help create evidence-based clinical protocols and treatment plans, ensuring high-quality patient care and outcomes. - Staffing and Training: Provide guidance on staff recruitment, training, and development, including physical therapists and administrative personnel. - Technology Integration: Recommend and implement healthcare technology solutions for patient management, billing, electronic health records (EHRs), and telehealth services. - Patient Experience: Enhance patient experience through effective communication, scheduling, and customer service strategies. - Networking: Build and maintain relationships within the healthcare community, including referrals and collaborations with physicians and other healthcare providers. - Clinical Expertise: Provide specialized clinical expertise in orthopedic physical therapy, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning for various musculoskeletal conditions. - Orthopedic Protocols: Develop evidence-based clinical protocols and treatment plans tailored to orthopedic cases, ensuring optimal patient care and outcomes. - Patient Care: Advice on best practices for orthopedic patient care, rehabilitation, and the use of advanced modalities and techniques.

  • Core Basics Physical Therapy & Wellness - New York, NY | 05/2011 – 06/2022

    Clinical Director
    - Clinical Oversight: Provide clinical direction and guidance to the therapy team, ensuring the delivery of evidence-based, patient-centered care.
    - Treatment Planning: Collaborate with therapists to develop treatment plans for patients, particularly complex cases, and ensure treatment goals are met.
    - Quality Assurance: Monitor and maintain high clinical standards, ensuring adherence to best practices, ethical guidelines, and compliance with state and federal regulations.
    - Continuing Education: Promote ongoing professional development among staff, encouraging certifications training and staying current with the latest clinical advancements.
    - Financial Management: Oversee the clinic's financial operations, including budgeting, revenue generation, and expense control.
    - Implement strategies to grow the clinic's patient base, including marketing initiatives, community outreach, and referral network development.
    - Staffing: Recruited, hired, and managed clinical and administrative staff, ensuring appropriate staffing levels and a positive work environment.
    - Facility Management: Manage the physical facility, including equipment procurement and maintenance, to create a safe and welcoming patient environment.
    - Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the clinic complies with all relevant healthcare regulations, licensing requirements, and accreditation standards.
    - Billing and Coding: Oversee billing and coding processes to maximize revenue and minimize compliance risks.
    - Patient Experience: Foster a patient-focused culture, emphasizing excellent customer service and efficient patient scheduling.
    - Patient Outcomes: Monitor patient outcomes, satisfaction, and feedback, making adjustments to improve care quality.
    - Strategic Vision: Develop and implement long-term strategic plans for the clinic, including expansion, specialization, or new service offerings.

  • ● AFINITI Inc. - Washington, DC | 12/2018 – 12/2021 

    Wellness & Rehabilitation Consultant Recruited directly by the CEO to create a global corporate wellness department to service 5,000 employees worldwide.
    - During the Covid pandemic, established a program for home office employees to reduce the risk of work-related injuries.- Provided awareness into emerging wellbeing strategies, researching various options/resources that encouraged active engagement in integrated wellbeing: safety, health, financial and mental wellbeing, etc. - Acted as Global Health Navigator by responding to employees' inquiries, providing clinical advice, navigation support, and referrals as needed via a worldwide network of clinicians. - Recommended, developed, coordinated, and managed wellness programs to reduce health risks and encourage healthy lifestyles within the company environment. - Conducted health and fitness screening to provide preventive care, chronic disease management, acute diagnosis, medication management, and other areas relevant to provided services. - Provided complete ergonomic workspace set up, including home office, to reduce office-related musculoskeletal injuries. - Derived exclusive Tele rehab consultations to the company employees globally.- Improved the well-being/health of employees by providing various tools, resources, and programs that can enhance an employee's overall health and wellness. - Supported the overall direction and development of the Health & Wellness programs for employees worldwide. - Promoted company-wide wellness initiatives and organized presentations on various physical, mental, and financial wellness topics. - Endorsed HIPAA & OSHA guidelines related to wellness and confidence in handling a wellness program's privacy/legal aspects at the corporate level.

  • ● Onsite Rehab & Fitness - NYC, NY | 08/2008 –05/2011

    Home Care Physical Therapist - Part Time
    - Provided initial and ongoing assessment to determine the level of functioning, including OASIS assessment at appropriate time points. - I gathered background data, reviewed referrals, selected and modified evaluation tools, and evaluated patients, determining the patient's physical and cognitive functioning level. - Developed and revised the care plan in consultation with the physician and other care team members. - Responsible for planning, evaluation, and treatment implementation of assigned caseload. - Prepared clinical progress notes. - Supervised therapy assistants and home health aides as appropriate. - Evaluated and updated functional goals and outcome measures. - Educated patients and families about proper safe use and recommended methods for installing adaptive equipment.

  • ● Morgan Stanley - NYC, NY | 01/2004– 05/2011

    Clinical Director
    - Provided physical therapy & rehabilitation services to Morgan Stanley employees statewide.
    - Conducted ergonomic workspace arrangements to reduce office-related musculoskeletal injuries.
    - Participated in wellness and health fairs and company wellness projects.
    - Provided hybrid telerehabilitation consultations to corporate employees.
    - Participated in OSHA and HIPPA training programs.
    - Conducted health and fitness screening to safeguard preventive care, chronic disease management, acute diagnosis, medication management, and other areas relevant to provided services.
    - Designed and implemented a long-term wellness strategy for a rapidly growing remote-based team.
    - Provided telerehabilitation consultations to the company employees.

  • ● Glenfield Physical Therapy - Auckland, New Zealand | 01/1999 – 11/2003 

    Physical Therapist
    - Restored patient's function, alleviated pain, and prevented disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed physical therapy.
    - Provided quality care by assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results.
    - Determined physical therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians or by prescription.
    - Helped patients accomplish treatment plans by administering manual exercises, giving massages, and using equipment as necessary.
    - Evaluated and recorded patients' progress, modified treatment plans, and tried new treatments if required.
    - Evaluated the use and fit of prosthetic and orthotic devices by observing, noting, and observing patient's progress and recommending adjustments and modifications.
    - Documented patient care services by charting in patient and department records.
    - Instructed patients in proper in-home exercises and therapies.
    - Educated patients and their families about the recovery process and their challenges.


Cairo University - Faculty Of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation | Cairo, Egypt 5/1993-5/2021
Faculty Member / Online

• Administered and coordinated online continuing education programs.
• Developed educational programs and trained new grads in cultural diversity, ethics, documentation, and advanced differential diagnosis.
• Provided new graduates with online counseling that included exploration of overseas employment opportunities.


Doctorate Physical Therapy - Nova Southeastern University, FL | 09/2004-5/2007 Master's Physical Therapy - Cairo University, Egypt | 05/1995 – 5/1998 Bachelor's Physical Therapy - Cairo University, Egypt | 10/1988 - 5/1992
• Certified Tele-Rehab Provider, APTA | 2021 • Certified Post Covid Rehabilitation Consultant, WHO | 2021 • Licensed Physical Therapist, Virginia State, VA | 2021 • Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Consultant, Pink & Steel, New Zealand | 2019 • Advanced Pelvic Health Certifications by Summit Health USA and Herman Wallace Pelvic Health Institute, NY | 2014 • Certified Ergonomic Specialist, Back School of Atlanta, GA | 2005 • Certified Personal Trainer, National Institute of Endurance, CA | 2004 • Licensed Physical Therapist, New York, NY | 2003 • Licensed Physical Therapist, New South Wales, Australia | 2002 • Board Certified Physical Therapist, Auckland, New Zealand | 1999


• VA State Physical Therapy Board licensed (2305214821).
• NJ State Physical Therapy Board approved (40QA01633200).
• NY State Physical Therapy Board certified (026149-1).
• Member of the American Physical Therapy Association (441090).
• Member of the American Society of Sports Medicine.
• New Zealand Physiotherapy Board certified (70-06872).
• Australian Physiotherapy Board certified (PY0121228).
• Member of the International Society of Men's Health, USA.
• Member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists.
• Member of the Egyptian Physiotherapy Syndicate.
• Licensed Consultant Physiotherapist by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
• Professional Member of National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA.

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