Mark F. Leichter DC, CFMP

CHIROPRACTIC LICENSESNew York (active), New Jersey (active), and California (inactive)

Mark F. Leichter DC, CFMP



● 1989 - 1992. NY CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE - Westbury, NY Doctor of Chiropractic● 1985 - 1989. UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD - W. Hartford, CT BS in Biology, minor in Computer Sciences● 2001. Copes program of Scoliosis


●  M.U.A.● Radiology● Copes Scoliosis● Certified Medical Billing specialist● MRI Yokum Certified

Equipment and Software

● X-Ray Machine, Interferential/High Volt stimulation, Ultrasound, Chiroplus Software, IBM Desktops/Workstations, Notebooks and Compatibles, Compaq Client Servers, Networking.● Microsoft Office, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Peer to Peer Networking.

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