Pauline Nuguid, PT

Pauline Nuguid, PT

Pauline Nuguid, PT

Physical Therapist


● B.S. in Physical Therapy | 2014-2018
Manila Central University, Philippines


● Physical Therapist since May 2015● Licensed Physical Therapist in the state of New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas● BLS/CPR Certified


● Licensed Physical Therapist – New York, U.S.A
Certificate/License 046065


"To be able to be a part of a team as a physical therapist that is committed to act as the patient’s partner throughout the trip of restoring motion and ensuring that the client will function at their personal best".


• Performs an effective evaluation by accurately assessing ROM, strength, sensation, and functional status, including gait.• Identifies problems that can be addressed with treatment and sets realistic goals for the patient.• Demonstrates good working knowledge of modalities, including indications and contraindications for use.• Utilizes knowledge of exercise programming as a strategy to provide appropriate improvement of ROM, strength, functional status, and decreasing pain.• Keeps accurate, up-to-date records in patient's chart, including initial evaluation, daily progress notes, physician progress reports, and home programs.• Routinely exhibits good patient relations skills.• Ability to provide exceptional communications by adjusting approach or tone as needed based upon patient needs.• Ability to use time management and effective use of a PT Aide to meet or exceed productivity needs.

"I have been providing care for patients with various orthopedic, postoperative, and sports-related injuries for almost 4 years. The most enticing aspect about becoming a licensed PT was the idea that I can help with patient restoration and with maximizing their function. My goal is to help improve patients’ level of function with every treatment to improve their quality of life. Growing up in the Philippines with my grandparents, I’m most passionate about treating senior and elderly patients. Outside the office, I enjoy cooking, dancing, and spending time with my family."

- Pauline Nuguid, PT

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