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The Next Generation in Orthobiologics

Providing next-generation solutions for orthopaedic repair, Kayal Orthopaedic surgeons are experts in progressive orthobiologic materials, like QuickSet™.

QuickSet is injectable bone cement that’s composed of macroporous calcium phosphate. Used to fill bone voids and stabilize bone fragments during joint repair, this biologic substance supports new bone formation and encourages osseointegration (e.g., bone healing between natural bone and a bone implant). During healing, QuickSet is resorbed by the body and replaced with natural bone, which strengthens and restores the area.

Before recommending the use of QuickSet during your traditional or non-invasive orthopedic procedure, your NJ orthopaedic surgeon will carefully review your medical history, symptoms and treatment objectives. While not every patient is a candidate for QuickSet, many experience successful outcomes when this orthobiologic treatment option is used.


Tratment for

ACL TearLCL/MCL TearsMeniscus TearOsteoarthritisRheumatoid Arthritis



Advantages of the injectable macroporous calcium phosphate include:● Range of therapeutic applications● No risk of disease transmission● Reduced pain & increased stability● Lower risk of post-operative complications● Preservation of joint integrity & performance

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