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Promote Bone Regeneration

StimuBlast™, one type of orthobiologic treatment, involves an allograft of a demineralized bone matrix (DBM) harvested from 100% human bone. This organic collagen matrix speeds the healing process by encouraging new bone growth, and is a natural alternative to synthetic bone implants.

Before recommending StimuBlast, your Kayal surgeon will carefully review your medical history, symptoms and treatment objectives. While not every patient is a candidate for a StimuBlast allograft, many experience successful outcomes through this orthobiologic treatment option.


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Specializing in industry-leading orthopaedic solutions, our practice uses biologic joint repair to treat osteoarthritis, joint disease and pain caused by severe injury. It may also be used during surgery to help stimulate bone growth.



Advantages of DBM include:● Stringent donor screening & bone testing for optimal safety● Customized graft sizing for diverse therapeutic applications● Reduced pain & increased stability● Lower risk of post-operative complications● Preservation of joint integrity & performance

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