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Total Ankle Replacement

Restoring Form and Function, While Relieving Chronic Pain

Total ankle replacement is recommended for people who suffer disabling arthritis pain and experience no relief from conservative treatments. This surgery removes damaged portions of the arthritic ankle joint and replaces them with prostheses. Over time, the surrounding bone tissues grow around the implant to keep it from shifting.

Kayal Orthopaedic Center surgeon Dr. Chad Rappaport is board-certified in foot and ankle surgery. He uses advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques to eliminate pain and help patients maximize their range of motion—unlike conventional ankle replacement surgery that tends to restrict movement. Rappaport uses the PROPHECY™ total ankle replacement system for a new ankle that is fully customized—specifically designed for you through computer imaging, your own CT scan and a patient-specific preoperative plan.

Total ankle replacement may not be a viable option for patients with severe deformities or poor blood circulation due to diabetes or nerve conditions, because an artificial joint requires a stable hindfoot in order to be successful.


Pre-Op & Aftercare

We believe that an informed patient is a happy and healthy patient. That’s why we encourage you to ask questions about your upcoming appointment or surgery. It’s also important to provide our team with any important medical records or personal information. To prep for an appointment and speed waiting time, visit our Patient Portal and download any necessary forms.



Highly trained podiatric surgeon Dr. Chad W. Rappaport performs INBONE® and total ankle replacement surgery, and benefits include:
● Larger range of motion than ankle fusion● Renewed stability● Arthritic pain relief● A precise fit with a durable design

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